My favorite topic from this class is about Systems thinking. I have grown in many different ways as a person and I believe that one aspect that has developed the most is my maturity. I owe it all to all the problems that I’ve been through and the experiences that continued to help me gain more lessons in life. This resonates with me the most because this topic gave me a proper structure and flow as to how I can tackle each situation that I put myself into.

Through systems thinking, I started looking at different perspectives at a deeper level, meaning I am still able to create or see another system from that perspective until I reach a root cause. There is always 2 sides to the story and I believe systems thinking also exhibits the same concept. This whole topic has helped me connect with people and help them fix their problems. It led to healthier connections and a bond like no other. If the opportunity to serve as a helping hand is there, I will never think twice of taking it

My advise to someone about to take this course is to always keep an open mind and continue to stay enthusiastic to the idea of creativity. An open mind because there are some lessons that does not fit well with their personality but in the long would greatly help in the real word, and the enthusiasm is in order to break the barrier that’s hindering them from a limitless world of ideas.

With regards to creating an innovative solution, I believe it is best we prioritize economic sustainability. Economic sustainability focuses on the long-term growth along with having no negative impact on the environment. I This should be prioritized over the needs of the market because we need to continue to care for the world we live in. Personally, I’d rather enjoy the beauty of fresh air with recyclable materials compared to an expensive tumbler yet the environment that I live in is polluted. Not only this but the world provides most, if not all the resources we need in every aspect of society. The longer that these items are being given more attention, a possible shift in the market could take place and in the long-run could serve as a necessity. It’s already hitting 2 birds with 1 stone by simply focusing more on economic sustainability! The more we understand the importance of the world we live, we get to secure a better future for the younger generations that will soon walk this very earth.